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Nathan Grayson

Co-owner of the good website Aftermath. Reporter interested in labor and livestreaming. Send tips to

Aftermath Vs 2024

We've got big plans, and we need your help

The Problem With Debunking Conspiracies

In this day and age, it's nearly impossible. But we've still got to try

How A Small Video Game Narrative Studio Wound Up At The Heart Of A Massive, Anti-Woke Conspiracy Theory

Sweet Baby Inc doesn't even remotely do what many think it does, but on the modern internet, that doesn't matter

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Is The Best Of A Dying Breed

The industry probably doesn't have many of these left in it, but it's good to go out on a high note

The Incredible Psychodrama That Is Millions Of Helldivers 2 Players Versus One Guy Named Joel

A lone game developer has become the main character of Helldivers 2's galaxy-spanning storyline

Major Game Development Studios Are Leaving Their Owners Behind

Saber and Toys For Bob are going indie, while Gearbox is on the verge of being sold by Embracer

The ‘Sustainable’ Studio That’s Risen From Volition’s Ashes

Embracer shut down Volition right after its 30th anniversary. Now ex-staff are trying to build something new

February 27, 2024