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Why Am I Down Here?

This shot is everywhere now

February 22, 2024

Carol And The End Of The World Makes The Boring Beautiful

The Netflix show is a love letter to mundanity

January 16, 2024

Bob’s Burgers Has Some Nice Snow

I have watched this cartoon enough to have opinions on its snow, don't judge

December 19, 2023

There Is No Piracy Without Ownership

Is it stealing if we can't pay for the thing in the first place?

December 4, 2023

Cipher Isn’t Just An Anime, It’s A Documentary About 1980s New York

A relatively obscure and confusing anime OVA, properly preserved by fansubbers, is a joyous celebration of the late 80s and New York.

December 1, 2023

What We Loved About And Wanted More Of From Gen V

More powerful than a locomotive, but also, to its own detriment, faster than a speeding bullet