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Nathan Grayson

Co-owner of the good website Aftermath. Reporter interested in labor and livestreaming. Send tips to

Corporate-Owned Journalism Is Dead, Long Live Independent Sites

Another terrible week for journalism, but with a small, Rascal-shaped silver lining

February 23, 2024

Men Will Look At This And Say “Hell Yeah”

So will women, nonbinary people, and basically everybody else

February 21, 2024



February 21, 2024

Ultros Is Metroidvania Nirvana

An acid trip wrapped in a fever dream wrapped in a good video game

February 20, 2024

Nearly 700 Ubisoft Workers Went On Strike This Week

"To Ubisoft’s management, our living standards going down isn’t a bug; it’s a feature"

February 16, 2024

That Xbox Podcast Sure Was Weird

Microsoft tried to disguise a whole lot with a whole lot of nothing

February 16, 2024

The Nintendo Store’s Official AI Mario: An Investigation

Ask Mario anything (within very narrow corporately-approved limits)

February 13, 2024