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Why Big Publications Like The New York Times Are Making Games (But Barely Covering Them)

"The ad market is terrible. There's very real news fatigue. There's tons of alternative sources for news that aren't even news agencies."

AI NPCs Have Potential, But Not The Kind Big Video Game Companies Want

They're fun to mess with, but they're also broken, weird, and may never be ready to power triple-A games

Workers At The Gamurs Group Of Video Game Websites Describe It As ‘Hell’

Current and former staff say recent changes at the network have it in 'a race to the bottom'

How A Small Video Game Narrative Studio Wound Up At The Heart Of A Massive, Anti-Woke Conspiracy Theory

Sweet Baby Inc doesn't even remotely do what many think it does, but on the modern internet, that doesn't matter

Sanrio Film’s Extravagant Quest To Be The Next Disney

Sanrio tried to create a film empire to rival Disney. What they made was far stranger.

The ‘Sustainable’ Studio That’s Risen From Volition’s Ashes

Embracer shut down Volition right after its 30th anniversary. Now ex-staff are trying to build something new

February 27, 2024

SAG-AFTRA’s AI Voice Acting Deal Was A Powder Keg Waiting To Go Off

This week's controversy was avoidable, but a wider reckoning over AI in voice acting is inevitable

January 12, 2024

As Video Game Industry Goes All-In On AI, Workers Race To Secure Their Rights

Execs want AI to be the next big thing, but workers won't accept it unless it's on their terms