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Nearly 700 Ubisoft Workers Went On Strike This Week

"To Ubisoft’s management, our living standards going down isn’t a bug; it’s a feature"

February 16, 2024

IGN Is Forming A Union

Dubbed the IGN Creators Guild, this is one of the largest unionized games journalism outlets in existence.

February 6, 2024

Sony Forces Rebrand Of Bloodborne Fan Game From Creator It Had Already Allowed To Release A Bloodborne Fan Game

Just days before Bloodborne Kart was set to release, after two years of development

January 29, 2024

I Still Want Nice Things

Even if Embracer Group says we can't have them

January 29, 2024

The Damage

Mass layoffs at Microsoft mean workers have to pick up the pieces

January 27, 2024

Apple’s New App Store Policy Is Petty As Hell

Following the Epic trial verdict, Apple will let developers link to off-App Store purchases

January 17, 2024

Corporate Needs You To Find The Difference Between These Two Pictures

Rockstar and Remedy are beefing over the letter "R"

January 16, 2024