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52 Pickup: Looking Back At Tomorrow

Join us as we continue reading 52, and learn the origins of the phrase “curses, foiled again!”

1:10 PM EST on December 7, 2023

A screenshot from 52 featuring renee montoya telling her lover to put some clothes on
52, DC Comics

Hello listeners! Alex Jaffe and Gita Jackson continue on our re-read of 52. In this episode, Gita repeatedly says “the super for Symbolman” like they are suffering from a witch’s curse.

This issue of 52 is packed full of classic moments for Renee Montoya. Despite the weirdness of Renee and her lover sleeping in bed while wearing lacy lingerie, she’s still serving alcoholic lesbian realness. This issue goes to great lengths to reinforce the noir tone for Renee and the Question. It’ll take a while until you see either of these characters do something during the day.

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