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The Video Game History Foundation’s New Online Library Looks Like A Wonder Of The World

Decade's worth of material is going to be made available to browse online

Earlier today, the Video Game History Foundation announced the impending launch of the VGHF Library, an online repository that will let people search, categorise and in some cases even read entire issues of vintage video game magazines.

Having been in development for over two years, it's an effort to make public stuff like the Foundation's incredible collection of magazines, many dating back decades, and which at the moment is only able to be viewed by visiting the Foundation's California headquarters in person.

Photo: VGHF

The plan is that the Library, once live, will let anyone access this collection online, on-demand and for free, whether you want to just browse the catalogue by publisher, focus and years published, or--and it's going to take a long time to do this, so only a few will be available at launch--read every page of a digitized issue.

In addition to games magazines, the Library will also host a ton of other associated published content. I'm especially interested in checking out their collection of press materials, which includes everything from old asset discs to scans of E3 admission passes from the 90's.

The Library is due to launch "sometime next year". In the meantime, you can read more about the project, and how you can support the VGHF directly, here

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