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Revisiting My Blog About The Elder Scrolls VI’s Announcement, VI Years Later

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Six years ago, Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls VI, a logo that may or may not have a game attached. I blogged about it at the time. Let’s go through my post line by line and see if my predictions came true:

“It was just a brief teaser that showed a large landscape, and Todd Howard implied it’ll be coming after single-player sci-fi RPG Starfield, which he announced seconds beforehand.”

Starfield is out! The Elder Scrolls VI is not, though it is apparently out of pre-production and in “early development” as of last year. Recent comments on the teaser trailer, which has been viewed over 18 million times, celebrate its six-year anniversary. Sort of. “This is like releasing a teaser for Morrowind in 1985,” reads one.

Assuming The Elder Scrolls VI comes out during my lifetime, I’m gonna say I was technically correct here.

“If I had to guess, Elder Scrolls VI will almost certainly be on the next generation of consoles. So you know, get excited about that – and then stow that excitement away like a squirrel hiding acorns in a tree trunk, preparing for a long, cold, Elder-Scrolls-less winter.”

Past Nathan really loved tortured metaphors, but that’s beside the point. One could read this portion of my old blog and come away thinking I completely missed the mark. After all, what are the odds that The Elder Scrolls VI comes out on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S? Seems highly unlikely, given that the now-current console generation has been around for several years, and I sincerely doubt we’ll see Bethesda’s next fantasy opus until at least 2026 – probably later.

But consider: Which “next” generation of consoles was I referring to? Gave myself a pretty easy out here, and I’m gonna take it. Once again, technically correct.

“Or, you know, just play Elder Scrolls: Blades to tide yourself over.”

Damn, I completely forgot that The Elder Scrolls: Blades existed.

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