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A Beautiful Exploration Of The Edges Of Red Dead Redemption’s World

What happens when you hit the edge of Red Dead Redemption and just...keep going?

The Grannies

Back in 2019, I wrote about "The Grannies", a team of Australian Red Dead Redemption players who, when encountering the game's notorious "never-ending" borderlands, decided to document their explorations.

Their travels later made their way to an exhibition at Melbourne's excellent ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image), but for those who never got a chance to see it--and that's most of you, Melbourne is a long way from North America and Europe!--it has now been adapted into an interactive video experience that we can all kick back with and enjoy.

The full thing can be viewed here, but if it's playing funky with your browser you can also watch a regular video version here:

"The Grannies" are Ian MacLarty, Andrew Brophy, Marigold Bartlett, Thomas Bowker, Jonothan Rubock and Kalonica Quigley, while the video and interactive versions were made by director Marie Foulston and creative technologist V Buckenham.

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