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A Statistical Analysis Of Twitch Streamers Trying To Name 100 Women

Sure, why not


Recently, one popular Twitch streamer, QTCinderella, issued a challenge to others in her male-dominated field: name 100 women. Via a statistical analysis performed by another content creator, Xenoxygene, here is how that turned out.

Xenoxygene analyzed the performances of nine content creators who participated in the challenge. They listed 900 women, though with a fair amount of overlap, meaning that the real total came out to 550. On average, it took streamers 27 minutes and 28 seconds to extract 100 women’s names from their brains. Among them, the single most popular was Hillary Clinton, who everybody named. Michelle Obama, Sydney Sweeney, Taylor Swift, and Pokimane also fared well. In terms of categories, most women named were celebrities (30 percent), musicians (18 percent), streamers (13.3 percent), politicians (6.9 percent), YouTubers (6 percent), writers (4 percent), historical figures (3.6 percent), adult entertainment stars (3.5 percent), TV personalities (3.3 percent), or athletes (3.3 percent). 

The fastest streamer, Northernlion, managed the feat in 6 minutes and 58 seconds, but much of his on-stream shtick is derived from his savant-like recall of specific names, so it’s not entirely surprising that he thrived in this situation. Another streamer, Will Neff, managed to name more actresses from the adult entertainment industry than Hollywood, which is impressive in a different way. The streamer with the worst time, PointCrow, took 46 minutes and 14 seconds to name 100 women, but managed to name 100 Pokemon in under 5 minutes.   

"I guess we know where your priorities lie," said Xenoxygene in a video about his findings.

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