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Men Will Look At This And Say “Hell Yeah”

So will women, nonbinary people, and basically everybody else

Redemption Road Games

Kingmakers is a beat-up old pickup truck versus thousands of medieval knights. What else is there to even say?

OK, maybe there’s a little more to say. You’ll play as a future soldier traveling back to ye olde Englande to change the course of a gargantuan war and head off an apocalypse at the pass. In addition to a pickup truck that’s somehow older than the knights it’s running over, you’ll be able to use modern weaponry like assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, armored SUVs, bikes, and helicopters. But of course, you’re just one little guy (or several in co-op) versus thousands. You can also command NPC soldiers, but they don’t seem to have access to your arsenal. 

According to Kingmakers’ Steam page, “every soldier on the battlefield is controlled by a next-gen multi-threaded AI which controls their decision-making, pathfinding, and loyalty,” which – combined with a procedural animation system – allows for “an unprecedented level of character and combat fidelity.” Sounds wild, assuming it all actually works. The studio behind Kingmakers previously made Road Redemption, a Road Rash spiritual successor that was decently received. So that bodes well, though this game seems massively more ambitious. 

Kingmakers is launching in early access on PC some time this year.

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