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summer game fest

A Game That Lets You Fight Back Against The Indignity Of Waiting

In "While Waiting," you live the dream of behaving badly in a line

Why Big Video Game Announcements Don’t Hit Like E3 Used To

"It’s that wider sort of crisis in not just games, but a lot of cultural stuff"

The Bittersweet Feeling Of Seeing Your Game Revealed After Getting Laid Off

"Seeing the trailer go up and the title get announced made me feel empty inside"

You Don’t Have To Watch It

Nobody is forcing you to watch days of advertisements

$550,000 For A Spot In Summer Game Fest? In This Economy?

"I don’t know about that, man. That’s a lot of money for a few minutes"

What Do You Want From Me, Man

This week, Geoff Keighley told viewers to temper the Summer Game Fest expectations he's been hyping up--again

Call Of Duty Will Do 9/11 And Other Summer Game Fest Predictions

"Lights dim. Immediately shows a digitized re-creation of 9/11. No other details"