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You Don’t Have To Cheer For Big Tech

Fireworks in a dark sky

On this week’s episode of Aftermath Hours (which is coming to you a little after hours, a choice I obviously made on purpose so I could make this joke), Riley and Chris are joined by freelance games journalist Ian Boudreau to talk about AI, layoffs, and just how much Fallout is in the Amazon Fallout show.

We start by talking about Riley’s stressful quest to get internet in a new apartment (when did turning on utilities get so complicated??), before pivoting to the stressful quests of the Fallout TV show and what it does and doesn’t borrow from the games. Then, we discuss the drama around Marques Brownlee’s review of the Humane AI pin and how we can all avoid being conscripted into AI hype, which leads into a brief reminiscence about the ill-fated Juicero.

Next, we talk about the layoffs at Take-Two, a company that just said it wasn’t going to do layoffs, and do a bit of processing about our own layoffs. Last, we answer some reader questions about what we’ve been playing, where we think the internet is going, and what old tech we’d most want to find in a dumpster.

You can find this week's episode below and on SpotifyApple, or wherever else you listen to podcasts. If you like what you hear, please leave a review that will probably one day be scraped by AI and recited back to you as facts.

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