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games journalism

Long-time Staffers At RPS,, VG247 Surprised By Layoffs As IGN Buys Network

“At least one person from almost any department at a company like this you can imagine got some bad news today”

None Of This Is New

An interview with Ken Levine is a relic of the past

Kotaku EIC Resigns Over New Editorial Edict

Staff at the site will be expected to create 50 guides a week

Ruin And Recovery In Games Journalism (With Jason Schreier)

Is games journalism as we know it dying or just changing?

I’m Only Here Because I Was A Forum Poster

I got my start writing about gaming on 1UP. It turns out the forum-to-journalism trajectory was all too common.

Games Journalism: An FAQ

What's a blacklist? How do NDAs work? Let's find out

People Were Right, And Wrong, About That PC Gamer Article

It's still bad, sure, just for a different reason

November 16, 2023

It’s Exhausting Trying To Read Video Game Website Headlines

You're not the Riddler, just tell me what this is about

November 14, 2023