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You Should Really Grab The Palestinian Relief Bundle

It's full of great games and close to hitting $500,000

Palestine Relief Bundle

Do you want over 115 new games (and hundreds of other assorted tabletop role-playing games, comics, and other creative works)? Do you have $8? Are you looking for a way to contribute to the larger effort to aid Palestinian children? Then the Palestinian Relief Bundle is an all-timer of a no-brainer. Heck, it’s probably a negative-brainer.

The bundle went on sale last week and runs until the start of next week. It’s closing in on its goal of $500,000 – all of which will go to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund – and it’s easy to see why: On top of being for a good cause, it contains some excellent games. A Short Hike and Wandersong are two of my favorite indie games of the past several years, both short and extremely smart and sweet. 

They’re also the very tip of the iceberg. Anodyne is a beloved classic Zelda-alike, Coffee Talk is one of the better games about being a barista (to monsters), Lieve Oma will make you want to call your grandma, A Monster’s Expedition is a brilliant puzzle adventure (and I say this as somebody who isn’t usually drawn to puzzle games), ZeroRanger is an indie shoot-‘em-up classic, and while I’ve never played What Remains, it’s described as a game in which you “take care of a sopping wet cat of a man.”

There are also some solid resources available for those who might find the prospect of a 370-item bundle daunting: Here’s a site that lets you sort its contents by type of creative work, Steam reviews/availability, LGBTQ+ creators, BIPOC creators, and more. Also, renowned indie games guy Dominic Tarason put together a thread of under-the-radar games in the bundle. 

Oh, and if you want more tabletop role-playing games, there’s also a separate TTRPGs for Palestine bundle that’s pulled in almost $30,000.  

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