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Open Thread

Open Thread: Presidents’ Day

President Winters from the video game Vanquish

Hello readers! Today is a public holiday in the US, as the nation honours "all those who served as presidents of the United States". Regardless of whether you're honouring all of them, though, or just some--or don't even live in the United States at all, and can't be arsed honouring any of them--we're taking a little break today, and will resume full posting and other duties tomorrow.

In the meantime, what's up? What's everyone playing that isn't Helldivers 2 (or Helldivers 2's loading screen, at least)? Me, I'm right at the end of Infinite Wealth, a game I have spent around 100 hours on already and in which everyone is wonderful and everything is a joy to be around. Lots more on that game to come on Aftermath once I'm done!

Anyone got any tips on what to play when I'm done?

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