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This Holiday Season, Give Your Loved Ones The Most Precious Gift Of All: A Subscription To Aftermath

Both our monthly and discounted annual subscriptions are available

'Tis the season for giving, and dear reader, let me tell you: you don't want to be the one caught giving your friends and loved ones coffee mugs, candles, video games or books for the holidays. Those are loser gifts, a sure-fire sign that you, a loser, cares little for the true wants and desires of those closest to you.

What you should be doing is forgetting all that stuff, and getting them the one holiday gift they would treasure above all others. The gift...of posts.

Did you know that subscriptions to Aftermath, a very good website, can be purchased as gifts? Maybe even the perfect gift? Well they can! And they're available for the same I-can't-believe-they're-so-cheap price of $7 a month (or $70 a year, a saving of 17%) for our Reader Tier, and $10 a month (or $100 a year, again, saving you 17%!) for our Member Tier, which not only gets the giftee access to all our blogs, but to our community Discord and comments as well! Incredible! You can even gift our Benefactor tier if you want your loved one to really help us out.

Every subscription to Aftermath directly supports independent journalism, and lets us keep writing all these amazing blogs. Don't forget to mention that to your giftee, because it'll make both of you feel better (and us too!).


Go right here! Or, on our products page, click the “purchase as a gift” button at the bottom of the screen.

Choose which subscription you'd like to gift and start to check out. Before you finish, there are some things you need to know:

If you don’t already have an Aftermath account, you’ll need to create one to complete the checkout process. Please complete the "Sign in or create an account" section using YOUR details, not those of the recipient. (This might sound weird, but it's so we can keep our payment system secure.) Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given the option to enter your giftee’s email address and details.

The recipient will receive information about redeeming their gift sub right away. If that’s cool with you, cool!

But if you'd like to make sure the subscription arrives on, say, December 24-25, you can put your email as the "gift recipient" as well. The gift information will go to you, and you can forward it to your friend/loved one on the date you want. The subscription won't be activated until the giftee clicks a special link in that email (so don't click that link yourself!), so it doesn't really matter who the email is sent to initially, it only matters who clicks on that link and starts setting up the subscription account.

Gift subs can be purchased for both new subscribers and existing ones; if you're gifting a subscription to someone who is already a supporter of the site, their new sub will begin when the existing one ends.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at We know this is a little convoluted, but gift subs are a new feature, and we're always working to improve things; hopefully by next holiday season things will be a lot smoother.

Thanks again for your support, and have a happy holidays!

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