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You Can Now Gift Someone Free Aftermath Articles

Enjoy a blog, as a little treat

We're pleased to announce that every post on this website--even this one--now has a "Gift This Article" button near the top. It means that existing subscribers have the ability to generate gift links to an individual blog, giving the recipients free and unrestricted access (even if they've triggered our registration or paywalls) to said blog.

Maybe you've read something you want to share to the world on social media; maybe you've come across a post you just think is neat and want to send to a friend who has no idea who we are. Maybe there's a scenario for this button we haven't even thought of yet. Regardless of the motivation, the result is the same: click that button, generate a link, send it someone and they can (hopefully) enjoy it!

That's great! The more people reading Aftermath--and getting the word out about what we're doing here--the better. Of course the more people subscribing to Aftermath is even better, but everyone has to start somewhere, you know?

And while we're on the subject of gifts, here's a reminder that we also offer gift subscriptions, in case you ever want to buy your friends and loved ones the greatest gift of all: blogs.

Enjoyed this article? Consider sharing it! New visitors get a few free articles before hitting the paywall, and your shares help more people discover Aftermath.

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